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Needed to figure out how to fix the hover or floating text that I use for some of my storage objects (specifically, something I call my “tansu” organizer. However, this didn’t really seem to solve my problem; the hover text is stubbornly too high above my prim. Ah well.

LSL Wiki : llSetText

The text will always be positioned to float straight up (parallel to the world’s Z-axis) from the prim’s center at a distance of half the prim’s Z scale plus some fixed offset.
The float text uses the prims Z axis regardless of it?s rotation. This means that if you rotate a prim 90 degrees and flatten it, the text will float just above the center.


Scripty Stuff — 2 Comments

  1. Lelani, the best thing to do for float-text is to have a special transparent prim, very small, for the text. This enables you to position the text precisely. If the special prim is not your root prim, you will need to put a separate script in it to set the text (perhaps getting the string from the main scripts with llLinkedMessage).

  2. Totally makes sense – but doubles the prim count, so I think I’ll learn to live with it. It’s the same method Eradanis’ texture organizer uses for her category buttons (which totally rocks and is free).

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