Finally Getting Things Done

… just uploaded a virtual wall fountain to XStreetSL, it’s about time I made something, rather than just sorting inventory and textures! Soothing water sounds, nice textures. And now, back to the Big Sort!

@LC@ Rainbow Stained Glass Wall Fountain by Lelani Carver – Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

Rainbow Stained Glass Wall Fountain
with scripted sounds on/off and also volume controls.

You can reduce the sounds to 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 volume as well as mute by touching the fountain. Make a copy, take it apart, and learn how it works! Edit selected textures to make all full bright, or none full bright… or turn it into a nice window by hollowing a wall to the right size and stretching the fountain to fit.

Textures, sound and script courtesy of the great folks at K.I.E. Dragonwings University, who provide a great learning environment.

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