Bright Idea

Dhughan here, making myself useful about the place. I’ve made a few changes, made a few knicknacks. For those sitting in the dark, there is now a 1-prim lamp available with that is both scientific (fractal texture) and manly (Steampunk metal detailing).

Now I must create a nice club chair to sit in so that I might read the Primgraph in comfort.

@DF@ Touch Fractal Lamp (1 prim c/m/nt) by Dhughan Froobert – Second Life XStreet SL Marketplace

One-touch, one-prim lighting! This object emits a gentle glow when touched.

Works in a Victorian or Steampunk-themed setting, suitable for a study or library.

Permissions are mod/c/nt so that you may copy as needed, or make a backup and have a go at re-texturing as you wish.

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