Steampunkaneers! Do you want to meet other Steampunkaneers??

This new #SecondLife group forming looks like fun, although my own creations will be in development hell for a while before they qualify to be called “Steampunk.”

The esthetic, to me, should have great attention to detail, whether prims, sculpties, or textures, AND there must be some element of retrofuturistic technology. From the looks of the group’s blog, SUCCEEDED.

Are you a shop owner offering Steampunk items and finding it difficult to reach your target audience? Are you a Steampunk enthusiast trying to wade through all of SL to find that special item for your costume or your home? Are you new to Steampunk and curious to meet people who enjoy sharing their love of this genre with others? Then we want you to be a Steampunkaneer!

Group membership is open to the public and free to join. Anyone can receive group notices and it is my desire to be able to leave group chat available for those who would like to ask questions or share their love of Steampunk. Group chat is for courteous chat only. Please save your drama for private IMs and do not bring it to our group. Please do not use group chat to advertise your products or freebies or to call chair letters or midnight mania boards. If you have general Steampunk news, either SL or RL, that you think may be of interest to the group as a whole, please feel free to send me a notecard.

Group members may apply for shop owner status (with a Confabulator title) to allow them to post notices of new releases, sales, specials, etc., to the group. Notices will be limited to two per week, one of which must contain a new release in order to prevent excessive notice spamming.

The group also has a blog called The Scriptorian at:

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