Soulless, Changeless: A Steampunk Fantasy Heroine For The Ages

I have read the first novel in this series, and found it highly engaging. Although not strictly a Steampunk genre novel, there are elements that make it a satisfying read for any resident of the Steamlands, especially those having an interest in the vampiric and lycanthropic clans in Second Life.

I should like to construct a battle umbrella like the one mentioned in the early chapters of the first book! There is a riveting battle between Miss Carriger’s heroine and a rather ill-mannered vampire of questionable antecedents, which sets up the story for the rest of the novel. The next novel in the series has eluded me thus far but I hope to obtain it on my next visit to my local independent bookseller.

IO9 posted a very good interview today with Ms. Gail Carriger, the author of Soulless and Changeless. They do a pretty much straightforward interview, but do allow her to extrapolate on the methodology she uses on the background for the Parasol Protectorate series. Do pay a visit to IO9’s piece with Ms. Carriger, at:

Via The Steampunk Tribune: IO9 Interview with Ms. Gail Carriger, author of Soulless and Changeless

Additionally, I should like to apologize for my appalling absence inworld of late. There have just been many enjoyable events taking place in my so-called “real” life lately; a visit from a dear old friend, for example. Also there have been a number of entertainments on the aetheric channels lately. However, a block of time is opening up for me this week, and I shall be celebrating my third rezzday next week, so I hope to re-connect with friends soon.

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