Blender: I’m about to do something very stupid

We have just repackaged Jass-2.3.5 so that your entry to meshes next week is well prepared. The brief list of fixes/features is:

  • NEW: Mesh support: A fix to the Collada-1.4 exporter.
  • NEW: Mesh support: We now also distribute the avatar.blend
  • FIX: removed old “pyc” files python compiled sources.
  • NEW: the factoryreset program has been rewritten.
  • FIX only jass-pro: multi part bakes now independent of choice of parent part.
  • FIX only jass-pro: Precision regression caused by missalignements in UV map

customers: You will find the new jass-2.3.5 pub and free in your personal download folder and we hope you have bookmarked it so that you can get hold on the new release with 2 clicks

first time users: get a free copy of jass-2.3.5-pub from our shop in SL: or purchase the jass-2.3.5-pro version from the same location.

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