Dragonlands Hotel: Shops, Rooms to Let, and Den of Iniquity #SLRP

The Dragonlands Hotel, Steelhead Shanghai

A clean room and exciting entertainments await you at Dragonlands

The anti-vice factions are beginning to flex their muscles in Steelhead Shanghai; although it’s deservedly famous for its architecture there have been rumblings in the local news organ that a volunteer battalion may be forming up.

*A notice appears in the places frequented by merchants, guns for hire, and bar/saloons where military types would frequent. The message itself is complete nonsense, unless you are skilled in military cryptography to decode the message, even then, the message is further in Latin, making it that much more difficult to translate. Once translated, it reads*


We, the repressed and downtrodden members of society call on the name of justice to take up arms to fight back by any means, against the scum and terror who would defile and cause depravity by selling opium and illicit goods, take our families in the dead of night to be sold on the slave markets, bring thugs into our cities to threaten, steal, and kill for their selfish goals. And what is the Military doing about this, The US Navy and coast guard has it’s hands tied, the English Navy is spread too thin, the US Military and Canadian Mounties are too busy with their own agendas, even the Steelhead Militia force cannot act! That is where we come in, and that is where we ask you, the lawful and honest Individual who wishes to see justice done, come to us, and seek us out if you are interested in joining our cause. Let me be clear, if you are some miscreant, lawless, or have your own agenda, do not bother to apply, for we want loyal, just, honest, law abiding, hard working, and hard fighting individuals, of any sex, species, or race. Break the binds of fear the criminals would shackle us with, and fight for your rights of freedom and justice! Contact Me by leaving a message at the predetermined location if you are interested.

(IM me)

Lt. H

Fox Batallion

Little is known about the Fox Battalion other than that it might be made up of actual foxes, which would be a stirring sight marching off to do battle. I do hope we never go to war with anyone that has Hound and Horse battalions, though, or it could get quite sticky on the ground.

Meanwhile, my quiet life of idle contemplation is about to come to an end: Steelhead Shanghai has just been declared an “adult” zone, meaning that an interesting array of business opportunities is possible, just as a shipment of rather piquant entertainment products was about to arrive direct from China. Also, my principal Miss Lelani has finally taken land in Steelhead St Helens, and it appears that I shall be called upon to do some carpentry work in readying her Dry Goods shop. Everything seems to be coming in crates and barrels, so that is tentatively what she is calling it: Crates and Barrels.

What a ridiculous name for a business, it’s much too confusing. Crates and Barrels, indeed.

In any case, as factor or importer for the concern, it’s my job to see that the tea crates and cracker barrels are expedited through Customs (such as they are).  The other products of the East shall be distributed via the usual backalleys small business channels. In the meantime, my little railcar-shop will be moved closer to the Dragonlands, making it much more convenient for social purposes, entertaining guests, and what-not. It has an excellent second-floor balcony, quite useful as a lookout post. And a very comfortable lobby area – it’s much nicer than the boarding-house down the way, with less riff-raff and a more refined atmosphere.

Dragonlands Hotel Interior with Buddha

I contemplate my future with the Buddha in the lobby of Dragonlands

I may have to join up with this Fox Battalion outfit just to see that in an excess of enthusiasm for Moral Fitness and Clean Godly Living, my little shop doesn’t get looted.

*#SLRP would be a hashtag for “Second Life Role-Playing” if this were the future and there were such a thing as Twitter. However, until jetpacks are received by mail order from the Sears & Roebuck catalogue, it can’t possibly be the future yet.


Dragonlands Hotel: Shops, Rooms to Let, and Den of Iniquity #SLRP — 2 Comments

  1. Good heavens, sir, your commentary nearly went to Blazes. Thought the aetheric thingy passed it automagically.

    Your delivery was recd. in good order and neatly stacked in front of the Dry Goods building (a former meeting house of the former indigenous inhabitants of the area). It came in handy as we had to repair some rot (such things happen in St Helens). Miss Lelani informs me that we shall be able to renew the supply somehow (something aetheric there) once the lumber is exhausted.

    Meanwhile, my lumbar shall certainly be exhausted with all the back-breaking labor of late. Thanks much, neighbor.

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