Resist Our Robot Overlords! Price Reduced On Virtual Land #SL

I’d just like to say that some robots are very nice people and quite funny. But the landbot ones that scoop up your land when you set the price to some crazy low price by mistake are a bit of  a nuisance.

Heh, yes, I have a horror of landbots. I used to live next to a 16m parcel that had a daily visit from a mysterious Puppet person. I realize they perform a useful function, but they’re creepy.

I’ve just reduced the price on the 512 lot to $L2250, and the 1024 lot to $L4500. Reasonably entertaining offers will be accepted. Unreasonable offers will probably not be entertained.  I’ll still be working on the remaining parcels and will be a sometime neighbor, so I’m looking forward to whatever happens next on this here virtual reality realty wheeze.  Most of the neighbors near me have skyboxen and open land on the ground, but a few have built interesting stuff.

Next parcel on the block:

Second Life land in Tintafel

512 Primlot on the West side of Tintafel

512 “Greenhouse” on the west side (contiguous with larger 1024 parcel)

Best for last:

Second Life land in Tintafel

1024 parcel adjoins Greenhouse 512 parcel

1024 “Nursery” on the west side, contiguous with “Greenhouse”

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