Weekly Tweets 2011-01-09

  • @m_ethaniel Old fan forum joke: "God is in the tub." #
  • @radioriel Of course! Only tonight I was telling a friend how essential Radio Riel is to my experience. Had been listening to Reverie. #
  • Thinking about Northwest Coast art, and texture tricks for my new place in #SteelheadStHelens http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Texture_Tools #
  • @ElrikMerlin Climate Zombies want RRRRAAAAAAIIIINNNNNSSSSSSS #
  • RT @TLW3 "Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and prosperity of the nation.
    — Thomas Jefferson" Peace of mind and a mellow buzz, too. #
  • .@DarrellIssa Ridiculous. Must be a parody, no member of Congress would be such a cartoon stick-figure of authority… #orwouldthey #
  • @AndiWhiteberry Good to see you. Is that REALLY @DarrellIssa 's AV? If so, good call. #
  • @SecondLie I converted. Shiny, steaming Pope Hats for all! #
  • RT @TLW3 "Marriage of 2 lesbian Episcopal priests adds new twist to gay issues http://bit.ly/hCo7Et #px #p2" Congratulations to them! #
  • RT @boobiewed "RT @SeattleCCA: 77 y.o. cancer survivor talks staying fit: http://ow.ly/3xFmF #
  • RT @DarrellIssa "…that's Oversight Police Officer Terry Transparency on my avatar." OK by me, please don't waste nation's time, $$$. #p2 #
  • Must remember "Oversight Police Officer Terry Transparency" for later. Sure it'll come in handy. #p2 #
  • Must also check for capital-I eye vs. lowercase-L ell later. AOL taught me well, grasshopper. #
  • @m_ethaniel Huckleberry Finn… former governor of Arkansas, land of the New Years' Fish and Birdiepocalypse? Pundit-prez-to-be? Eeek. #
  • @Wonkette Be sure and follow @DarrellIssa for important updates from "Oversight Police Officer Terry Transparency." #
  • Dick Durbin needs to be on Twitter. Heard him on the radio calling for filibuster reform #30hoursatyourdesk #p2 #
  • RT @m_ethaniel "A Tour of the Love 146 in Second Life Clubhouse: http://wp.me/pgNnc-z7 #SL #SecondLife @OfficialLove146" Hurray! #
  • Watching #Hoarders Oh, my God. #
  • I am going to need unicorns with a beer chaser. Which is the more horrifying, Hanna or Gary? Tie. #Hoarders #
  • I've driven past Hanna's town on visits to a relative in southern Illinois. #Hoarders #
  • Does Hanna the chicken lady eat anything but eggs over easy? GAAAAHHHH. #Hoarders #
  • @vicwu She certainly has an unlimited supply! And I bet that was goat's milk she was drinking out of the mayo jar. Except for the color… #
  • @DarrellIssa Thank you for replying: I am pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, pro-DREAM Please dont repeal health care! What is your position? #p2 #
  • RT @SecondLie "BREAKING NEWS: Chicken coup thwarted, Lindens respond by deleting all copies of The Protocols Of The Elders Of Sion." #snort #
  • My SL neighbor's horses keep flying out of her barn and across the sim border, whinnying. #virtualanimals #
  • Sure wish @DarrellIssa had been investigating in 2001-2007! DeLay, Abramoff, Mark Foley – now that's corruption! http://j.mp/hgYvCA #
  • RT @ebertchicago "Today is National Silly Walk Day." http://bit.ly/ez3n30" Second Life Residents must turn off AOs and #duckwalk today. #SL #
  • @isfullofcrap /me is reading. Another neighbor has a herd of badly scripted ponies that stray in random directions. #SL #
  • Words matter: typical Palin fan site "Target: Gabrielle Giffords" taken down by Hubpage http://is.gd/kopec #

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