Weekly Tweets 2011-03-06

  • /me comes up for water "Oh, hello Tweeple I've totally neglected while I was burning the midnight pixels the last few days. How are you?" #
  • RT @isfullofcrap "RT @MoRocca: Galliano dismissed. Too bad, I was really looking forward to his Springtime for Hitler collection." #
  • @isfullofcrap That made me LO so L that everyone in the cafeteria looked at me funny. #
  • If you recast the classic SNL Star Trek sketch as a #SecondLife machinima, what AV would have an "I want my ears! I want my ears!" meltdown. #
  • @Drasilova First time as a #STEAMhunt engineer, imma need new retinas now. 😉 #SL #
  • RT @SecondLie "Instead of handing out Second Life Community Platform Bears, we're handing out Second Life Community Platform Shoes. #groovy quot; #
  • @Drasilova I look forward to shiny new retinas, expect clockwork irises, too! #
  • I'm off to texture the crap out of my new Community Forums Rank Icon Avatar: http://bit.ly/eZAaD5 via @addthis #

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