More Wonderful Things

Dhughan here yet again, still digging into my STEAM4 folders and finding wonderful things.

Second Life Clockwork Avatar in Japanese Yukata

Mixing and matching Watchmaker's Brother AV with mask, fan, yukata.

This is just what happens when you encounter things as you open boxes and think “Hmmm, this would be quite unique if I add a little of this and that…”

Et voila! A clockwork Gentleman of Japan, complete with fan and a clockwork facial tattoo. Needs only an obi, which I know I can get with another such outfit at either Ancient Tree Kimono or Aki-Kimono, a shop that was on the hunt.

Sometimes when going through hunt items, sadly, a gift will not work with one’s persona, or it does not fit well and is not modifiable or adjustable. In those cases, sometimes I go back to a shop because while looking around for the gear, I did see something of theirs that WOULD work well with other items in one’s inventory. Such was the case with Aki-Kimono’s offering; however I shall certainly go back there for other wonderful things.

I’m quite taken with the clockwork AV from Secret Shelf/The Secret Inn, a shop that is connected to the, er, “captive RP” community that offers a place of sanctuary for those of that inclination. Although I don’t usually have much interest in sexualized content in Second Life, I recognize that for many it is an important part of their online experience. I generally avoid anything to do with slavery, for personal reasons, and don’t make a point of patronizing online shops that I know to be connected to the virtual slave trade.

However, as Secret Inn seems to be providing a kind of respite area or socializing place for those who do enjoy roleplaying as a slave, I’m happy to keep their excellent Watchmaker’s Brother Avi in my active (but alternative) AV folder. It adds just enough Uncanny Valley discomfort to be interesting, yet it is quite beautiful when mixed with other clothes and accessories, such as a mask I just found from Orquidia. The Steampunk fan that came with it put me in mind of the simple unbelted yukata I had gotten from an Ancient Tree Kimono gift box, and here we are. It’s nicely animated, too – and as my shop is in Steelhead Shanghai, it will come in handy for any Asian-themed events (I shall take a stab at making a Chinese Mandarin Official’s outfit later).

Some other wonders encountered while I relax and rewind (heh):

Fantastic Steampunk Laser Bridge

A fantastic laser bridge from KK’s in Mieville San Fransisco which will come in handy crossing gaps between some of the sky platforms Miss Lelani and I have. Might need handrails though, it’s a long way down.

Captivating Monowheel by Nix Sands of XCENTRICITY and Gorgon Motorcars

A wonderful monowheel – one of at least two encountered in the hunt, by Nix Sands of XCENTRICITY (I generally am always wearing one of their “Impressionista” vests). I don’t dare ride it up here on the sky platform and will get far too distracted to get any sorting done (as happened yesterday with Monty the Turbo Snail). I haven’t had much luck with vehicles (they tend to go sideways on me) but I look forward to trying more out.

A lively and unsettling brass plant from Golden Oriole

Made by one of the prize-winning shops, a lively and rather frightening brass plant from Golden Oriole. I saw it in several other shops during the hunt, it seems to be quite popular! I have packed it carefully away for when it might be needed.

I have continued unpacking while listening to an excellent radio play of Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Bodysnatcher, keeping some things, discarding others.

Utterly perfect for attending a Particles IV class, expect teacher envy.

Among the “finds:” this EXCELLENT R.G.B. Top Hat from Hatpins! I am taking a break from sorting (I’m about halfway done with STEAM4 but of course there’s plenty of stuff to clear out from before) and about to attend a Particles IV class. This hat will be a major distraction, I fear, so I shan’t wear it for long.

But wear it I shall.

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