[#SVC-6691] Teleports FAIL Still Happening! #SLRLbridge Trapped Me For 8 Hours In The Dark!

Once again Linden Labs’ shocking inattention to critical service issues threatens virtual life as we know it; the teleport system that bridges the SL-RL interface is STILL hopelessly borked.

What’s more, it’s been logged, voted on, watched, discussed, and Twittered, and is yet to be worked on.


I had a similar experience today to this Resident’s problem:

I’m still experiencing this issue in version 2.6. I just attempted to use it to teleport to work this morning however the same problem is preventing me from doing so. Now because of this problem I’m going to have to get out of bed, walk to the road and ride into work in a car. I hope LL can see how this is a problem for myself and all SL residents.

Last night, I initialized the “bridge” program in the normal way and suddenly found myself in stuck in an interstitial for more than 8 hours. Despite numerous attempts, I was unable to escape this black screen state and eventually lost consciousness. When I finally came to, none of my home parcel scripts were working – NONE OF THEM. The bed scripts were totally wiped, the “Notify Me of Events” gadget erupted in this harsh buzzing sound, and to add insult to injury, my Cat 2.0 interactive pet object suddenly started spewing sculpties all over a very expensive rug prim! Although I had to admire the liquid texture animations, it was hard to appreciate them, as Windlight seemed to be down, too.

NONE of my inventory folders were where they were supposed to be, I couldn’t drag anything onto myself, and none of my hairs were anywhere to be found, either. I had to go out in grown hair – UGH, and it was a mess.

All of my custom Steampunk vehicles – GONE.

Map teleport – MIA.


I actually had to drag prims onto myself, more or less in the correct layers order, still in semi darkness as apparently a power surge killed my monitor, too. And then I had to WALK to the vehicle folder, which smelled awful and was totally disorganized, and DRIVE to “work,” where I was very busy all day and unable to even use my handheld bridge device to check on my friends’ well-being and safety during this horrific and totally needless outage.

I am sure that it is not my computer or video card, which I installed myself more than a year ago and it’s still very cutting edge and relatively high-powered. It’s not my sound card either, even though streaming parcel music was ALSO BORKED.

Please note, I had repeatedly cleared visual cache yesterday, the problem is NOT client-side.

Things had better improve FAST because this #RLSLbridge issue is seriously messing with a lot of heads.


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