Steam Hunt 4 Completed… now to clean up the mess

Dhughan here, it’s been a long few weeks since I last blogged. Sorry, busy, building, learning, fixing, tearing out hear prim by prim, blah blah blah!

At long last, I have had a chance to complete STEAM 4: The Hunt as a hunter, not just as a creator. And now I have to clean out my inventory as I go.

First, a short word to my fellow shop-owners and content-creators.


Please, please, don’t make it so difficult to find the gear, or make it difficult to navigate around your place while searching for it, or set it up so that when found it doesn’t behave as described in the guidelines for STEAM Hunt Engineers. Otherwise, we might miss wonderful things like this:

Haven Gifts

That’s a fun “Under Construction” sign, a Tesla Power Grid collection light (it’s much taller than shown) an un-animated (and no-mod) engine, a wonderful old-fashioned phone that sends IMs to the owner, and a terrific inworld radio that IS modifiable, can be deeded to group land, and can still be modified afterwards (a pet peeve of mine).  It seems to stop working if “taken” into inventory, though – the station won’t change. So set it up where you want it, deed it, change it, forget about it. It looks very nice sitting out, or embedded in a wall or something.

I’ve invested in some inventory sorting boxes, will review them as I learn how to set them up. Seems simple, and they’re very attractive.

But now to bed. Much more sorting and unpacking to ensue.


UPDATE: It’s difficult to organize because first one must organize. It’s a never-ending process but an enjoyable one for me.

In the meantime, in one of the “chump gears” (decoys, but funny ones” from Battersea Amusements in Babbage Canals, I opened it up to find THIS EXCITING CONSOLATION PRIZE.

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