Weekly Tweets 2011-04-10

  • Dhughan is using this excellent Inventory Organizer Box to sort out his #SecondLife inventory. So am I. http://bit.ly/hd4Dzn via @addthis #
  • Heard about @charliesheen bombing in Detroit on WXRT. Then they played "I Want My MTV." #
  • Dead man spamming: why is it so hard to cancel #AOL accounts? #boing2 http://is.gd/q1xIWD #
  • When I cancelled my #AOL account, I had to call, repeatedly state "cancel my account" to rep resolutely on-script, and *write a letter* #
  • It still took a couple of weeks until I received #AOL written notice of cancellation. Displayed proudly on fridge for weeks afterward. #
  • .@m_ethaniel Wherever you go, there's your uterus. #uterusmovielines #latetotheparty #
  • @m_ethaniel Went to a class last night that urged merchants to shop AND buy, tons of tips besides, thought of you. #
  • Gold farming in virtual worlds: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-13012041 #
  • RT @IndigoMertel "@rodvik What's the point of making #SL more accessible to new users when the Lab let this happen?" http://bit.ly/gQ3e2W #
  • @rodvik Good points re: welcoming new users into unsafe free-fire griefing zones. Mentors & Community Gateways *could work* w/ #LL help #
  • RT @USRealityCheck "Latest Talks on Budget Fail in Deadlock on Abortion:" OF COURSE its really about abortion. http://nyti.ms/gB6vXr #
  • The GOP #WarOnWomen has always been about abortion and controlling sexuality. #
  • Will tweet for talking virtual beer. (Objection from @m_ethaniel to talking beverages in 3… 2… 1) #narcitwistic #
  • My Googlejuice, let me show you it. #narcitwistic #
  • @m_ethaniel Hang in there. #
  • RT @MoodyLoner "@GOPleader Can you explain why we, and Wash DC, have to "live within our means" but GE gets subsidies and doesnt pay taxes?" #
  • @JeffreyFeldman Yes. We are immoral because we're not like them. #
  • RT @SecondLie "@MickeyETC Not only do the buttons need to work, but the zippers as well." Velcro! It's fast, easy, and fun! #
  • .@vicwu The inglourious basterds in the GOP are happy to stop those icky vajay-jays from getting screened for cervical cancer. #
  • @rivenhomewood Ew, thats awkward. #

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