One Thousand 19th Century Books from the British Library

Dhughan here, finally had a mo to do a spot of housekeeping inworld; enjoying the many wonderful things from the latest STEAM hunt and thinking about building a home

Egads! The British Library has made 1000 books available on ye olde steampowered iPad!

I just love finding apps like this, and I think you’ll be excited too. The British Library has released 1000 books from its 19th Century collection into a free iPad app that includes novels, historical works, poetry, philosophy and scientific books.

As I was not able to ship my own library over when I emigrated from my green and pleasant land, this might suffice, and I shall consider adding a virtual library to my plans.

Dhughan Froobert is a Steampunk resident in Second Life who putters around with prims and takes pictures of same. He occasionally manifests as a small Victorian otter.

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