Steelhead St Helens Aurora

I’m throwing in my lot with the Steelhead community – I dumped about half of my mainland holdings in Tintafel and will gradually start living full time in St Helens after TotalLunar Eclipse finishes his big terraforming project.

Finally started work on the big new “Mercantile” shop, on the parcel next door. The original Dry Goods shop will gradually become a “New Curiousities Shop” and have more Northwest Coastal Indian things displayed. Also, I’ll move ahead with the original plan and turn it into a traditional salmon-fishing plot.

Planning on monthly Artdances in the new space too – the roof will be a dance floor.

Not only that, Lunar talked me into another 512 that was kind of stuck behind me in his plan for the re-terrain. So, yeah. Lots of land, double prims.

Needs moar trees, although I finally figured out what was making the weird flickering glow in the shop! Someone long before me left behind a bizarre glowing purple alien willow tree that was buried about 2m below the back corner of the shop. This was what was glowing, but also one of the textures in the back got corrupted, so I replaced the whole building precisely.

Gotta love moving in SL, wish real-life moves were that easy.

Need to check in with Petal’s aunt and see if there’s an adventure on this week or next. I have a meeting or two tomorrow but Bug should be able to run around later. Need to get some decent things for that girl.

Steelhead St Helens Aurora, originally uploaded by Lelani Carver.

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