Coming Soon: #STEAM5 Hunt in #SecondLife

Watch the link for new posts. The hunt starts Sep 1 at midnight, and the merchants are waiting for updated lists of shops, hunt gears (they’re scripted) and so on.

Something is starting to happen, as all the merchants got their gift boxes returned from the private merchant area from the LAST hunt.

Lelani to do: LOTS thanks to RL
Gift: planning on a unisex hat with simple texture changes. Have the base, some lovely textures (many from previous hunts) that will be set to no-transfer.

Extra: Steampunk floating dance gear.

Shop: odds and ends to dress it, the new shop is mostly done.

Need: group inviter, logger, mailbox

PARTY?? When???

Dhughan: woefully behind as always
GIFT: a better walking stick than last time for men/women, OR a nice chair/ottoman with… tea?

Extra: Dhughan’s Unpredictable Brass Ball

Shop: somewhat limited prims. Needs dressing, props, teleport to upper room?

Need: group inviter, logger, simple mailbox

PARTY? Dhughan is much too shy.

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