My New Build in #SteelheadSL Coming Into Focus

Courtesy of a Twitter avatar image toy, another way to present myself as a completely unfocused cloud of color.

Sorry, dear theoretical reader, I haven’t been blogging or even socializing much lately. But I have been building, and I’ve cut back on mainland holdings in favor of a nice big riverside parcel in Steelhead St Helens, which will soon hold a rebuilt store and a rededicated “plank house” that will be part an old fishing camp, with more cultural items and historical photos on display.

I’ve signed on for STEAM 5 and so has Dhughan, who has taken a bigger shop in Steelhead that will offer more shopping and roleplay opportunities. He’s not sure if he will keep it after the Hunt concludes, as it’s in a sketchy if colorful area.

He found a head in a bucket in the nearly empty shopfront, and the pigeon on the roof keeps exploding. Must be something in the water.

We’ll be working on products and props and knick-knacks but will be socializing as well. The Town Hall meeting tonight should be interesting as Mr Lunar will no doubt report on the redesign of St Helens, which is now beautifully forested and includes a memorial to the victims of the modern-day eruption of the real Mt St Helens (real? Yes).


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