Steelhead St Helens in Second Life to go BEWM Friday 7pm SLT! Fun!

Full Moon and Aurora Over Steelhead St Helens

I’m really, really starting to enjoy the views on my little chunk of virtual paradise in Second Life: Steelhead St Helens. The reboot/rebuild that TotalLunar Eclipse did is really starting to come together, and new neighbors with pretty new houses and cabins have appeared, along with a horse ranch and some gypsy wagons. The church and sawmill have returned, and it’s all starting to look like… a rural community. It feels like one, too.

Hint: Land is still availablel. IM TotalLunar Eclipse for information.

Following a town meeting at Steelhead more on that later, I met with a few of the locals, human and otherwise. One of the elvenfolk, a TotalLunar Eclipse, told me his partner Tensai Hilra planned to do a controlled explosion at the nearby Mt. St. Helens, in order to prevent or postpone a much larger eruption predicted at a later date. However, he suggested there might be alterior motivations, "I think people just want a boom."

via Second Life Newser: Mt. St. Helens to Blow this Friday, Says Steelhead Scientist.

It was great to see this news item in my feed today – I’ve been happily building my new shop and it’s almost ready, PLUS the rooftop deck has a great view of Spirit Lake and Mt St Helens. So all my friends and acquaintances and spambots are invited to drop by, and I’ll give you a FREE commemorative hat.

Also possibly an umbrella to keep the ash off your shoulders.

I’ve managed to get the one-prim vendor working, finally, that had been giving me problems, so there’s actually stuff to buy too. Also, I’ve got one of Clover’s Kitchen vendors out as well (need to look over the products in the others – maybe the food and drink one too).

Dhughan has been busy, too, and hopes to have something to give out as well at his new shop in Shanghai. More on that from him later.

I’ll have some photos to upload and share here, too. Lots has been going on, lots of new neighbors in St Helens, lots of fun changes, and just a little cowering.

More Cowering

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