Weekly Tweets 2011-08-28

  • The power of the Internets compels us to eat cookies and get an involuntary mani-pedi. #bethsbrain #
  • Failbook: Dr Hastings TSA line woes http://t.co/lrR1s8I #
  • MT @TunaOddfellow "looking for sofa space for part of September in Boston area & help packing and moving 1 bedroom into storage." DM Tuna! #
  • @TunaOddfellow MT means "modified tweet" apparently. People use it if they have to edit for length. ;D #
  • @TunaOddfellow And good luck with your move. I love your art/music/dance/performance events, they make #SecondLife worth second living. #
  • RT @poultrykeeper A bet with my Boss. He says Twitter is a waste of time. He will give 50p per RT I get but I give him £10 if I don't get 10 #
  • @poultrykeeper Sorry to be so late to the party. Is your boss broke yet? #
  • Made it to our destination… ::yawn:: be safe, Eastern Seaboard. #

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