Weekly Tweets 2012-02-12

  • I've still got these on sale: Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Mardi Gras Beads SALE! $L50: http://t.co/Qsh5Vulk via @AddThis #
  • Working on my virtual shop in Steelhead St Helens, working on Marketplace items, Getting Things Done. #SecondLife http://t.co/WSQiaJIh #SL #
  • I've updated my Picks with the shop location – and I'll give a classified ad a whirl. http://t.co/dAwl3l3T #SL #
  • These are on sale, too: Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ Gold Mardi Gras Beads SALE $L25: http://t.co/XkILoG0T #
  • And these: Second Life Marketplace – @LC@ St Patricks Green Beads (boxed) c/m/t: http://t.co/cUtpTwkk via @AddThis #
  • These are c/m/nt: Second Life Marketplace – @LC@Victorian Mardi Gras Party Beads SALE! $L75: http://t.co/sf7ZlMxE #
  • Just listed at #SLMarketplace – cozy wool blankets for rustic decor. @LC@ 2 Trade Blankets – Red and White http://t.co/ZtbvcOcZ #
  • @DaleInnis Did team beat other team? Hooray! Game over. #
  • Was there a game on? #
  • @HolocluckHenly They're supposed to be old-fashioned looking, but still sort of shiny yet tawdry. May do a new one but time is short. #
  • I love how my national church's news service added #prop8 news to its email blast as a triumph of justice over bigotry. @episcopal_news #
  • Attention all #SecondLife otters: Prepare to go SQUEE. #SeattleAquarium #babyotterSQUEE http://t.co/wZtygwtr #
  • @isfullofcrap I KNOW, RIGHT?? My RL cubeneighbor loves teh otters, we had to take an otter break just now.
    Love the mama otter. #
  • @isfullofcrap She hands the pup a shrimp, then eats it anyway when the pup is all 'meh.' SO LIKE A MOM. #babyotter #
  • I am logged out of RL job and ON VACATION. Aloha! #
  • Headed to Labbieland for a night, then further west and south. Bye-bye, snow! Bye-bye, winter! #
  • @isfullofcrap Tea and sympathy and Mint Milanos work well, too. #
  • Arriived, bags went on without us. Unacceptable, Labbieland! Return inventory to lost and found folder ASAP. #SL gt;RL #
  • Thank you, Twittelator, for not changing. #
  • Help me… hotel breakfast room has faux news on TV. #
  • Arrived. Ahhhhhh. #

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