Weekly Tweets 2012-02-26

  • Off-grid vacation almost over. We were a little TOO off grid the last 4 days, actually longing for home, bed, but not snow. #
  • @SecondLie Can't wait for Hamlet's soliloquiy on that one. #
  • @revpaperboy O RLY? Must search http://t.co/cRzWKoYr for your dulcet tones. #
  • You know the vacation's over when the TP runs out and housekeeping is waiting until checkout time. #
  • @revpaperboy Looking forward to it. You'll announce in group, Comrade Boozehound? #
  • My partner keeps checking our home webcam, which shows a driveway full of snow. #alohaHawaii #
  • @daftapeth In my dreams! My normal location got snow yesterday. #
  • Vacation ends with a mighty thump, thanks to Theátre Securitaire Assinination. #
  • @MickeyETC I love that fetch game. Wish the anim was less girly-wirly though. #
  • @wizardgynoid I think people using V3 (which I like aside from no onboard AO) were tired of being singled out. 😉 #
  • Uh oh, does the 2B-Not2B policy revision apply to onboard AOs? It's so vaguely worded. #SecondLife #TPV #
  • @vicwu I saw someone do that in the waiting area of a *very *nice restaurant 2 nights ago. Blarg. #

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