Schnappy Yooniformz und Nize Hets

My young ward Bug has been getting in touch with her inner Jaegermädchen. She’s mostly green these days since she went on the Jaegerdraught Hunt and “drank the koolaid.”


Here she is, out on the Steam Hunt 6 course, searching for treasure underwater in a dive helmet kindly provided by one of the hunt merchants.

She like snappy uniforms and nice hats. As it happens, my typist took a picture of the very thing that Bug craves:

If you look quite carefully, you will of course see that this is a WUMMAN.

The men’s version came with a horse.

Royal Horseguard on horseback guarding the back gate of the Royal Horseguards, in dark uniform.

Yep, those Brits still sport the schnappy yooniforms und nize hets.

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