Weekly Tweets 2012-03-11

  • Typist is "at the theatah" to see Legally Blond. There will be much pink. #
  • Awesome. The two dogs in the show have cast bios in Playbill. Chico was in the original Broadway production. http://t.co/jQeePQcl #
  • @wizardgynoid That is some serious bingeage. #
  • @StopRush Have you contacted customer service? If I bought a TV or radio from @Sears that had Rush on it, I'd complain! ;D #
  • The Total Jerk #LimbaughMovies #
  • Shame #LimbaughMovies #
  • Bully Durham #LimbaughMovies #
  • RT @MoodyLoner You know you're an absolute shit when the Westboro Baptist Church defends you. @WBCVideo @rushlimbaugh #
  • @MoodyLoner #flushrush OH, so not ever renting anything from @Netflix this weekend if they sponsor Limbaugh. #
  • Some Congressional Oversight: all-male, all-CLERGY panel testified, Fluke excluded on gender AND religious grounds. http://t.co/gu9Vglt4 #
  • @Shocktart Ask #Siri "What is the best smartphone?" #
  • @JC_Christian Surely Gold Bond Foot Powder needs a boost. Or that "Jock Itch?" stuff… #Rally ForRush #
  • @MoodyLoner Talk to @Geico, they said they might pull ads from radio stations that run Rush #
  • Oh, I might use @netflix now! They did the right thing. #flushrush #
  • That Off Ramp op-ed by Jackie is worth a read! RT @isfullofcrap WHAT IS THIS CRAP? If you're happy and you know it… http://t.co/DtIjfAJC #
  • @isfullofcrap You could also call it the last exit before trollway 😉 #
  • @isfullofcrap we have signs like that on the expressway so people can avoid the payway. #
  • RT @IndigoMertel New World Notes: Kenyan Charity Thanks SL Avatars for Raising RL Funds http://t.co/LiZY7Aw5 #SecondLife #
  • @m_ethaniel I *loved* Daria. Her friend cracked me up. I wonder what older Daria's up to? Making soup for Occupy Lawndale kids? #
  • RT @lizzwinstead This may be the worst or the worst of the women hating bills yet. PLEASE READ AND RT http://t.co/C11hdwjq VIA @dvnix #
  • @isfullofcrap Please don't take that as an invitation to fart in my general direction. #
  • @rivenhomewood I hate Facebook, but I managed to create a page for my ::mumble:: church. #
  • @rivenhomewood I can tell you it's based off of my login but I can "post as" that identity. I also use plugins to autopost from WordPress. #
  • @kqthomson Yes.  #
  • @kqthomson I told a #SecondLife librarian about you the other day. She ordered OAS and wondered if you still did readings. 😉 #
  • Darth Vader, cape, unicycle, bagpipes, Utilikilt, Portland, Orygun: these are a few of my favorite things. http://t.co/8duStXuq #
  • Why my Twitter feed is awesomer than yours: @ipromisephilip meets @STFUParents #
  • Oops. More awesome with PIX! http://t.co/p9CeGsjR #
  • Can't wait to see what @SecondLie promises. @ipromisephilip .@davidhornik promises to lose 10 pounds by May 1st. #
  • RT @LindaKellie JUST ADDED a food section on my webpage for FREE downloads http://t.co/1pX0x8rZ #OpenSim #OSGrid or use on any grid you want #
  • @rivenhomewood I can tell you it's based off of my login but I can "post as" that identity. I also use plugins to autopost from WordPress. #
  • @ElrikMerlin LOVE Firesign Theater. Sad about yesterday, but best to remember the laughter. #
  • @isfullofcrap Aw, that was unexpected, thank you. #
  • RT @KrisKaine Press Release: 2012 Relay for Life Kickoff Today: 2012 Relay For Life of Second Life: KICKOFF http://t.co/6hJgJBR9 #
  • @ordinal Tedious overcast days make intriguingly moody pictures, especially with antique chapel windows. #
  • Family visits today but hoping to make it to #SteelheadSL Relay for Life kickoff party tonight. #

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