Weekly Tweets 2012-04-01

  • Somehow even *I* managed to install New World Studio and load a couple of @LindaKellie 's OARs. Not public just yet… Need learn moar. #
  • @AbelUndercity On the other hand, they're accurate about the airship avatars, though I've never seen anybody wear one. #
  • @MorikoInshan Magic Boxes burning merrily? How did it go? #
  • New game: #WhatIsThorThinking "Humans really ARE puny. I get that now." http://t.co/paYmFkV5 #
  • @donttrythis Wait a minute, there, sir… Your stats have SPOILERS? The numbers geeks will love it! #
  • @MickeyETC Hang in there! #
  • @AbelUndercity Surely you've been to Janeel Kharg's Ankh Morpork build? I know, I know; don't call you Shirley. 😉 #
  • @MickeyETC I'll have to see if Dolphin has the merchant outbox, it's supposed to be less of a strain. Also, maybe Cool Viewer? #
  • I did one (1) of my Marketplace listings over, then screwed up the next one. I did not follow @torley's instructions. #
  • I only have a couple dozen listings. I can't imagine the pain big #SLMarketplace merchants are feeling. #
  • RT @janakyomoon RT @stshank: NASA seems to be channeling Van Gogh Starry Night for this ocean circulation image. http://t.co/xdhpD86s #
  • RT @MariaKorolov RT @neddings: #FF @LindaKellie For her craving of creating regions that looks better each time you enter them #
  • Had some fun last night goofing around with Opensim (New World Studio). At very least its handy for testing textures, skins. #
  • Some #SecondLife merchants have severe problems with #slmarketplace listings, but not me. Why? What makes mine immune? What's different? #
  • I managed to convert my 16 items using the method from @torley 's video. It went smoothly, but editing was a nightmare. #
  • Real, or viral video for upcoming movie? Awesome. BBC News – 'Batman' pulled over by police in Maryland http://t.co/Fk3W3I27 #
  • Save the date. ;)Richard Branson's Virgin Volcanic: To The Center Of The Earth! – The Huffington Post http://t.co/oripy3OC #

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