Weekly Tweets 2012-05-27

  • @HolocluckHenly Wish I could be there. Play it loud for me. #
  • We're in the "holding our breath" stage, apparently. #
  • We're in the "holding our breath" stage, apparently. #
  • We rode the worlds most depressing elevator yesterday. #
  • Just now I said Yay! (yay) in response to something lame. /yay #SLgesturesinRL #
  • @adrianpaul1 LMAO! May I share this with HIGHLA-L? Its been active lately… #
  • In my original virtual life I was a #HIGHLANDER fan (in fact I created the old fan area there). Good virtual times. #
  • I should take pictures of all the #HIGHLANDER shirts I own. The "Methos & Silas take over the WORLD" one is the best. #pinkyandthebrain #
  • Oops, fan area was the one on AOL, not the really good one on COMPUSERVE. I feel old now. #HIGHLANDER #
  • @tsaijie /me pours warmup #coffee #
  • Have been visiting a particularly sad place the last 2 weeks, watching a shockingly fast decline. #
  • @Queen_UK Protocol demands at least 2 cases. #
  • @hbahimself hugs to you and the gazellings #

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