Weekly Tweets 2012-06-24

  • @LindaKellie Don't worry about it, more people are absurdly grateful to you for the work you do. #
  • @theguild "Pantsing Vork Scene" is a cover band waiting to be formed. #
  • I am technically "working from home" tomorrow. Suspect I will be "waiting for installers." #checkingSL9Bschedule #
  • Hey! My friend Dano is DJing… At 2am my time. Hmm. May need pencil in nap tomorrow. #checkingSL9Bschedule #
  • Have house phone in one pocket, cell phone in other. I'm the phoneslinger. #waitingforComcast #
  • It's an absurdist play: a woman, a cat, an empty room. #waitingforComcast #
  • Typically, the office furniture arrives first and will have to be moved when the data/cable installer gets here. #waitingforComcast #

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