To STEAM or not to STEAM: Waiting to hear

Worked on a few new pet beds and a new Adventurer’s Hat last night and was worried about perms changing. Ran across something in the Building and Texturing Forum linking to this useful hidden feature:

Debug Permissions is a tool which shows you granular attributes of your Second Life items. Permissions have numerous subtleties and with some practice, Debug Permissions can help you figure these out. You should have a firm understanding of next-owner permissions before using Debug Permissions.

Oh hey, that’s useful! Wish I’d seen it before…

Link: Debug Permissions – Second Life Wiki

I applied for STEAM 7 last night; shouldn’t have left it so late as it’s limited to 150 shops, one shop per owner. As Dhughan is my associate and business partner (and he’s a putterer) ::whistles and rolls eyes:: I put in for a slot.

Now wait and see, and work on the gift. It’ll be based on a short story of Wells’ that I must read. If I don’t make the cut I’ll work it up as a new product, it’ll be a good exercise.

Had hoped to start a Thirst Fursday event (drinks on the shop roof, music?) but the typist is going on an Adventure the next day. I may do it on a monthly basis. So if I happen to be inworld, COME OVER, shop address is in picks.

Dress code: anything with fur – furry, tiny, fur on clothing, or pets. Horses included. Should be fun, the roof SHOULD be strong enough…


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  1. Yeah, I ended up not having the time this weekend to make something, so I won’t be doing the hunt this time around. Next time…

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