Jade Walking Stick with Simple AO — $L100 #SLMarketplace

“Without my walking stick, I’d go insane…
I can’t look my best, I feel undressed without my cane.”

  • Simple, elegant walking stick – 4 prims
  • Suitable for either males or females (add female anims)
  • Compatible with Posture is Everything’s Gentleman Jim LIGHT and FULL GJ Cane AOs
  • Now with FREE ZHAO-II MB2 with simple cane-friendly walks, stands, and sits.
  • Adds debonair style to your Victorian, Steampunk, or Edwardian roleplay

If you attach this to your right or left hand, it will work with the free-to-new-residents Gentleman Jim AO in the Hall of Avatar Customization at Caledon Oxbridge University. (The paid version for older avatars is available from Posture is Everything). Just make sure the stick is pointing straight down from the hand as described in the AO notecard. It can attach to either hand or forearm, in case you have other attachments (rings, shirt cuffs).

NEW: a simple AO is included with 2 default animation notecards, and it is modifiable. Instructions included.

It is modifiable, and ladies may note that it is slim enough to make it work as a female walking stick as well.

Please feel free to look me up and let me know how you are getting around your Second Life. Walk with pride!

Please note: Anyone who received the no-mod, no-copy version that was uploaded in error, please contact me inworld. I will re-deliver the corrected version to purchasers.

And also please visit one of our shops:

(Froobert’s Further West Outlet, Tweddle)

(Steelhead St Helens Dry Goods)

$L100 via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ Jade Walking Stick

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