Getting Back Inworld… Real Soon or Immediately Right Now

Yes, there’s been a lot going on in my First Life. Nothing bad, just stuff that was interesting or engaging. Of course, the election news was good for me and other reality-based life forms. And also mundane things like new episodes of favorite television programs, family get-togethers on weekends, and one or two very sad events that really brought everything to a halt for a while. After that, it was easier to just watch TV and read news and blogs.

I’m inworld now, goofing around in Cafe Wellstone watching the People’s Bailout show with Lizz Winstead. I just happened to get in while it was happening. Interesting event. Especially when the Catholic nuns got on stage and kind of recited statements in favor of debt relief to the cheers of the techno-hipster crowd.

Also, that female mariachi band WAS AWESOME.

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