Drop Everything (Except Your Pants) And Watch The Chronicle of @Prof_Elemental

Oh. My.

Professor Elemental has a new series of adventures (likely spelt and pronounced “adVENTCHAAAHS” ) that has, in the space of a few minutes, become my New Favorite Thing On The Interwebs. Now that The Guild has wrapped (perhaps forever) this will do nicely.

Behold, the glorious first Chronicle of Professor Elemental – “Discovery.” It’s a thrilling tale of intrigue, mind-reading pith helmets, oozy schmoozing and aetheric communications with gorilla valets named Jeffrey via endless vats of tea.

Also, the mystery of the pronunciation of Jeffrey’s name is solved. So that’s sorted.

While the above is not my actual review of ‘Professor Elementals new album ‘Father of Invention’. It is how my review would look, if one were able, like on Facebook to change the language of this piece to the continuing adventures of a music loving, perhaps laudanum brandy crazed adventurer as he stumbles through Chap-Hop and the growing universe of Professor Elemental. A bit like how you can change your Facebook to be read in Pirate speak or in fact, donkey brays.

Since we last looked in, the man – the elevenses legend and after tea tall story; Professor Elemental, has been striding steam punk and Blackpool like some sort of mechanical colossus. From the coming crowdfunded web series ‘The Chronicles of Professor Elemental’ to his own comic. He has been making the world, a far better, nicer place actually. I, for one need this sort of stuff, or else days would disappear into a monotony of gin and passionless violence.

Badger Faces.

There is no real reason for me to put that there or anywhere in any review – but as it occurs in the Professors album – there comes an infection to drop it into everyday conversation.

Chocolate mole.

There, he did it again.

via Big Rock Candy Mountain – Professor Elemental – Father of Invention Album Review

The video is really – dare I say it? a masterpiece, or at least it looks like it belongs on PBS’ “Masterpiece Theater,” as it’s shot in and around a National Trust stately home. This makes the interiors of the professor’s home (and the “museum?”) look gorgeous and posh. Also, there are musical interludes and some really beautiful, yet funny animations.

I’ve only watched it once. I’ll have to watch it again and again to catch all the funny little tics, gags, and bits. I’ve never seen a sedan chair used to such comedic effect before. Classic.

Professor Elemental remains a favorite in the Second Life Steamlands – a lot of social events are centered on music, either live, internet radio streams, or streams played by DJs, and music with a Steampunk element (heh) is popular. I wonder if he’s aware of the possibilities of Second Life machinima for future videos or chronicles? I’m sure there are builders and machinima artists who’d love the chance to work with him.


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