The Dragonlord Walking Stick with basic Gent’s Cane AO – $L150

Just listed at the Marketplace – The Dragonlord walking stick


The head is a dramatic silver with heavily scaled greenish-black patina, and silver dragons gamboling about the ring just below the handle. The wooden shaft is solid chestnut, and there is no ferrule so that you may stretch or shorten the stick to fit your height (remember to edit linked objects).

While testing the new stick I pottered around Steelhead on walkabout – I shall try to do on Sundays, it was a pleasant stroll and it got me out of my workshop.

  • Simple, elegant walking stick – 3
  • Suitable for either males or females add female anims
  • Compatible with Posture is Everything’s Gentleman Jim LIGHT and FULL GJ Cane AOs
  • Includes Basic Gentleman’s Cane AO
  • Adds debonair style to your Victorian, Steampunk, Medieval, or Edwardian RP

via Second Life Marketplace – @DF@ The Dragonlord Walking Stick c/m/nt


The Dragonlord Walking Stick with basic Gent’s Cane AO – $L150 — 1 Comment

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