Tweekly Digest: 18-Feb – 24-Feb

  • Taking a break. Off work work, will start a new project for play work shortly. #SecondLife ->
  • Oh, Blender, don't make me learn you all over again. ->
  • @skeskali When will outdoor outfitters realize that 18/20/22/24 and up size women like decent gear? ->
  • @skeskali Darn it, was hoping it would work for you. The pants I found were an 18 and cut right for a awkward-hippy size. ->
  • For the record, there is very little drama here. o.0 ->
  • @skeskali Oh, ma'am, I feel your pain. I lucked out at REI with big wind/rain pants recently, think they have them online. ->
  • Lunch for the typist. What's going on, world? ->
  • @isfullofcrap Beaufiful ->
  • ♫ "Jami Sieber – Hidden Sky [10a]" on Radio Riel Reverie (Tunemark) ->
  • The New World Grid (French open sim) is "evolving" (hosting change) so backup your content. ->
  • Where I'm At In #SecondLife Literally and Figuratively: The Tier Is Too Damn High: I was sorry to se… ->
  • @isfullofcrap "Imma take a l'il nap naow, it's been a big day." in reply to isfullofcrap ->
  • @m_ethaniel I need to add new blogs to my Google Reader/Feeddler app, thats for sure. I keep forgetting about the blogroll. ->
  • @m_ethaniel Did you ever sell that awesome Medieval Changing Tent? I used to switch outfits while wearing it whilst, er, dancing ->
  • @m_ethaniel Gotta check that out asap. in reply to m_ethaniel ->
  • @isfullofcrap wut wut? Is this the floofy one in the pic you tweeted, or an actual new baby panther in the house? ->
  • It's @TensaiHilra 's favorite! ♫ "Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science" on Radio Riel Steampunk ->
  • @gentlemanrhymer Masterful playing AND tweeting expected. Crack on. ->

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