Tweekly Digest: 01-Apr – 07-Apr

  • @RobertPicardo You're welcome. It might have been an electrical emergency. ->
  • SF fen and English majors LOL, all others say wut? RT @RobertPicardo Chris Barrie: We are the holo-men…
    [ apologies to T.S. Eliot] ->
  • I just used #Shazam to tag Rumble And Sway by Jamie N Commons. ->
  • Memo: Shady Falls Saurday ->
  • No meeting scheduled tonight, no choir… hmm, tonight seems like a good night to screw up my websites. ->
  • Should I be worried that the local public library has a "budding writer's workshop" series planned? Or intrigued? Gulp! ->
  • r, "LRL" ->
  • @Tish_Coronet H! HW R Y? R FN! LL! in reply to Tish_Coronet ->
  • @InaraPey Looks like Firestorm Mobile is the answer to all our prayers. Also, it runs Angry Birds! ->
  • Firestorm Mobile will revolutionize #SecondLife just in time for Disneyfication. Very timely offer, one day only ->

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