Firestorm Public Beta and Win64 Alpha releases! #AtLast #Secondlife

Thank God, I was getting really tired of the lame lighting and phototools in Kokua.

We had hoped to be able to have all the latest Linden Lab bug fixes and service improvements in our next release, but it looks like it’ll be another month or two before that code is ready from LL. But we also wanted to get a release out before 2014 with the latest released code from LL and the latest Firestorm development work. This includes new features like Content Import/Export and Collada Export, plus new features from LL like Materials, ribbon particles, etc. Click for the complete “Change Log” and “Known Issues“. Unfortunately we only have a small window of time to get a release out before 2014 due to the coming holidays, so we haven’t had time to polish it up to our normal quality standards; thus we are calling this a BETA. This means it should be considered a fully supported release, but expect it to have some quirky bugs here and there. Upgrading to it is recommended but not mandatory. You can grab the Public Beta release from our Downloads page. CLEAN INSTALL RECOMMENDED!

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