Marketing Stuffs – The New Chameleonic Possessions!

I’ve joined a couple of marketing groups and have realized that I need to update some of my branding, so I went looking for images to adapt that had no copyright issues.

Look at this darling Steampunk Chameleon I found on Flickr!

According to the terms of the license, it’s Attribution/Share-Alike, so thank you, Saundra, for this beautifully inspiring little piece, which exists in the real world.

So this is what I have for the moment:


It’s not the final version but it was enjoyable playing around with GIMP’s filters (mostly GIMPressionist/Line Art and Render/Difference Clouds. I don’t know what I’m doing there, but I liked it when I finally decided I was done.

I’ll be participating in STEAM IX, “Romancing the STEAM” and have tons of ideas. I have to get ready extra early as the typist stupidly has to be away from the computer right before it starts. But ready I will be, I already have men’s and women’s gifts although I’d like to make something special under the theme. Reviewed some clips from the “Romancing the Stone” movie and saw many hats and interesting clothes. What if this story took place in 1884 instead of 1984? What if they had a steam-powered treasure finder?

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