Folding Mesh Screens On Sale for Spring in Second Life

I’ve put all of my animated folding mesh screens on sale, for the most part about 50% off!

In honor of Cherry Viewing Season (the loveliest season in Japan and the Japan-themed sims) this one is a special favorite: “Sakura Sunset”
Folding Mesh Screen for Second Life
Folding Mesh Room Screen – “Sakura Sunset,” on sale at the Second Life Marketplace (click image to see listing).
The image is based on a screenphoto taken at sunset in one of the Japanese-themed sims of Second Life, with a bit of arty post-processing. The screen is moddable and the package includes the original image.

“Dancing Oiran”
Dancing Oiran
Another piece based on a photo taken inworld, this screen shows an oiran (a specific type of geisha or artist/dancer similar to a courtesan) dancing with a layer of particle ground fog adding to the mood. This is more of an autumnal piece, but it’s on sale too.

Also in honor of spring, “Duc du Berry Printemps”
Printemps Duc Du Berry Folding Mesh Screen
Created for last year’s Antique Grid Show hunt, this screen is based on the famous “Book of Hours” owned by the Duc du Berry, depicting typical activities in the spring months.

Also on sale: “Gold Matsu Pines”

And finally “Bright Chrysanthemum”

The screens can be viewed, touched and played with at my shops in Pini and Steelhead St Helens.

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