Silver and Ebony Walking Sticks – NEW at Froobert’s Further West

Dhughan here, having got my stumps under me and motivated, here’s a new walking stick at last:


Silver and Ebony Walking Stick – Walk Like A Gent!

There are actually 2 sticks, one is compatible with the basic AO that is included and also the Gentleman Jim AO by Posture is Everything (Kamilah Hauptmann, proprietrice) and the other is compatible just with the basic AO. The second one is provided as a backup for those who’d like to try adding more animations to the config card. IM me inworld if interested in knowing how.

The bally Marketplace wasn’t working, after carefully setting up the ruddy Merchant Outbox with all the little oojahs that go in there (sticks, landmarks, info card, basic AO, and a poster-texture)… oh drat, it’s probably best if I just relog.

And there it is, visible on the Marketplace at last. The walking stick is also available inworld at the following locations:

Further West Trading Co., Steelhead City:

Froobert’s Tweddle Outlet:

St Helens Dry Goods:

And there are stick vendors at the St Helens Nature Reserve and at Further Rest, a walker’s and railbird’s retreat and pub now under construction.

And so forth. Onward!

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