Blowing The Dust Off for Mardi Gras, and a Lenten Vow

Mardi Gras in St John Parish

After a long time away from my inworld home and friends, I made it back in time for bon temps in St John Parish. The party was held in the Maison Bleu club, hosted by the inimitable DJ Holocluck.

The music was terrific and the typist got up and danced.

I will be working on some new projects – sadly, I won’t be participating in STEAM X as a merchant, but happily I will be a hunter! I just felt I needed to improve my building skills, and I’ve taken a vow during Lent to try to do something toward learning Blender or creating products with mesh every day for these long 40 days (and yes, including Sundays, so even more).

I’ll be adding some new fun Grid Explorer hats for Dinkies avatars – currently the ones I have out aren’t sized or rotated for the small li’l big-headed kitties so I’ll be doing some rework.

However, starting with a fun mesh kit from Meli Imako, I’m working on some nice men’s vests and a women’s outfit.

Here’s a preview of one I’m working up with a pretty shamrock pattern in velvet. This will probably change a bit as the base color on the outer vest will probably end up a dark bottle green. There’s a shirt that goes along with it that needs some texturing work. Standard sizes will be available along with the usual alpha mask.


Dhughan will also come out of hibernation earlier than usual, and he’ll be working on some new walking sticks, also in mesh.

Baby steps, but we’re feeling more optimistic that it’s just a question of hard work and practice, practice, practice. This means that I’ll be reviving my little OpenSim workspace so that uploads don’t break the bank, but if you happen to see me online, give me a shout.

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