St John Shop Closes 23JAN

As you may know, the St John estates are closing. My shop in St John Parish is open until 23JAN:

When is St John going to close?

Here is the St John estate closing schedule. Residents must clear their parcels when their tier expires or by 12:00pm SLT on the dates listed, whichever comes first.

Friday January 5 – Bayou St John

Sunday, January 14 – St John Woods

Tuesday, January 16 – Lake St John

Tuesday, January 23 – St John Parish

Tuesday, January 23 – St John Maurepas

I’ll be pulling furniture and things off my parcel, and have left a “Moving Gift” crate.

The building and vendors can stay up for a bit longer but it’s sadly apparent that builds (and sims) are disappearing fast. One friend pulled her nightclub/bar out the day after the announcement, right across the street.

I went for a walk last night after a productive day spent reorganizing the shared workspace in Tweddle.

The Tweddle outlet will remain as a joint holding with Dhughan, and we’ve been pruning prims there. It’s a 1500m2 lot so it’s roomy enough, but our workshops (and workflows) needed to be streamlined. We’re quite happy with the result, as it is similar to the old workspace in Steelhead St Helens years ago, in more productive times.

I have several projects and updates in mind but also need to reconnect with friends. So it’s hard to settle on priorities.

Dhughan has been quiet lately as he has been fretting over his texturing issues with a kit, but I expect he’ll have something new to announce soon. He, too, is pondering mesh.

Also we both plan to work with the Avastar Bento capabilities (especially for hand and finger attachments). I had missed the announcement but the Avastar Avamesh project, especially the quad topology mesh, has got me thinking about reasonably simple cut-out rigged clothing items.

Apparently it still uses the default maps for texturing, so I will be trying to make headway in Blender, Avastar, and Bento. Pretty daunting!

On a more social notes, I attended 4 events yesterday and enjoyed dancing, music, comedy, and friends. I regret there are no pictures!

The Snowflake Ball was hosted in Rosehaven by Eva Bellambi, music by Gabrielle Riel. This was a formal event with a free dance card hud. I change outfits so rarely that I had to rush but it was a nice break after pixel-pushing chores, and I actually couple-danced. Good thing I wore mah glitchie-pants, the first dance was a Lindy hop!

After a break to explore Europa Wulfenbach, owned by my old acquaintance the Baron, I started work on a texture HUD for one of my older hats. I got it done, next will be updating Marketplace and vendors.

Then I heard from another old friend, Holocluck Henly It was time for Swing Moon, his First Saturday electro-swing event.

And after that, a fun gathering with old friends from Cafe Wellstone at the Lonely Yak. This required yet another outfit change to bust out a flexi-gown. There are a lot of fun toys to click on and a dance bubble machine.

And I’m kicking myself that there are no pictures! But I’ve needed the reconnection. One of the gifts I put in the moving box is a picture switcher with some St John snapshots. This led me to walk in the old cemetery, after my costume change, in a quite mournful black and burgundy theme. The Bayou is cleared except for one big build that’s likely being repacked, the Woods and Lake are there but feeling melancholy.

I’ll have to take more pictures (feed, snapshots, and Flickr) in the future, but I didn’t have the heart then to document dying sims (again).

But perhaps I’ll feel like documenting living ones, like Rosehaven, Europa Wulfenbach, and others.


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