Happy Holidays From #LelaniCarver

Wishing you peaceful holidays – all of them. If you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, celebrate yourself. You’ve almost made it out of 2022.

Testing to see how the new #iOSShareSheet works for both #Wordpress and #Tooot – using a plug-in for WP.

Taken at a sandbox, this photo backdrop was too much #LandImpact or LI for my home parcel.

Taken at SLURL: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandbox%20Verenda/98/170/27?_gl=1*cbc2vt*_ga*MTU2NzYwNDI0MC4xNjcxNTEwMjM5*_ga_T7G7P6DCEC*MTY3MTk0ODc5MC4xMy4xLjE2NzE5NDg5MTIuMzIuMC4w*_fplc*YmdlemxjN2gxV0xhc2g5ZUJjQU1vUG5HUDR6TlhZbkpCNGN1U0xIWlpFaHg0cTRONHNucnpTQXdXNEVBV0xzU2ElMkZMOXpYaFJJMnJ0aVF5M3NtbXdwcXJiZ3RtMFQyTjFEY3R2MSUyQlBWdTJLRWJyclZxU3N3RVZHaGI0bjZCdyUzRCUzRA..

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