Buy #Virtual Clothes To Try On, Then Real Clothes? How #Meta

Lablaco wants to use digital tools to revolutionize the fashion industry.
Pushing fashion into digital spaces helps generate
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This Italian fashion house Loblaco thinks trying on virtual clothes will drive sales of physical clothes, and virtual shows could save on costs of attending physical events. Have they SEEN what a scrimmage a big #SecondLife sales event is?


I went to the big #LeLutka holiday event yesterday, my first day back #inworld after a two-year hiatus.

For some reason, specially animated heads and virtual bodies are mix-n-match in #SecondLife. I barely have a mesh body, usually go with a system avatar. But I picked up a free, high quality mesh head at the event, and there was a list of stores that were also offering high-quality virtual fashion, so I’ll do some upgrading.

But the short time here spent using Mastodon reminded me of how open source can be a way to freedom from corporate control of our entertainment and shopping choices – so I’m sticking with the open source mesh avatar, Ruth Too v3.

While checking the list of participating shops, the very first one had cute, modern stuff that didn’t look right on the system avatar, but mesh bodies have “alpha cuts” so that your body parts are invisible and don’t “poke through” mesh clothes.

I fiddled with HUDs and cuts and got it looking better… can’t imagine actual famous people messing with it. Guess they’ll need virtual fashion assistants, which could be a serious job for many #SecondLifeResident #Fashionistas

But it won’t work for #Meta #Metaverse avatars, those dudes and dudettes don’t even have legs. And I’d like to see the physical fashion houses deal with #VRChat #Furry body types – they could make money selling nice outfits and accessories, but will they?

Meanwhile, my old photo skillz need sharpening. Just about the worst camera angle…right up my snoot and booty. Oh well.

I went back later and tried to figure out how to use a store credit for another #virtualoutfit at a different store, LOL, no. But I found another new French designer whose work really looked like fashion (and she had a beautiful treadle sewing machine set for sale, bought that too). Relevant to my #RealLife sewing interests, I’ll be back.

That second #virtualfashion event is called #ShopAndHop in #SecondLife – I’m going back in. Cover me! I don’t know if I’ll get through that list of shops, because the first two were so full of interesting things.

#SecondLife avatar #LelaniCarver i

Trying to remember how to #SecondLife

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