New Keyboard, What Is This You’re Typewrong? #SecondLife Problems

My fridge came with no-mod kitsch photos, so I covered them up with kitchen photos.

DFS often provides the ability to resize the no-mod tools so you can fit them into smaller or larger spaces as needed. But you can’t change textures, or colors. This cute retro fridge was a Mother’s Day special item that I bought used (actually it’s a freezer used for making frozen desserts, drinks, and ice). I didn’t pay too much attention to the image on the very small vendor prim before I bought it, or I might have passed on it.

It has very kitschy, kid-style drawings on it and a popsicle-stick daisy. I’m not into the family-RP lifestyle, so I covered it up with 2 linked prims (my ubiquitous mesh crate makes a handy picture frame). The snapshots are currently of my old greenhouse in Bruda and of a Mardi Gras float I danced on about 6 years ago. Problem solved, and the freezer fits neatly under my $L10 kitchen counter – which IS modifiable and has been retextured and torn apart to remove unecessary prims/bits of mesh).

Pardon any typos, RL spouse and I just got back from Best Buy, where I made an impulse buy of a new keyboard that was an open-box steal. It’s available from Amazon – to us it looked like Best Buy in our area is struggling, as the first store was permanently closed, and the second store had a lot of empty shelf space. I don’t recall if my Amazon affiliate still points at the American Diabetes Association or my church, so there may be a donation if you buy from that link.

Still getting used to the feel of this keyboard – the spacing for reaching the backspace key  is slightly different from the Microsoft split ergo keyboard I used for years, but this is very quiet and smooth. I expect I’ll be blogging more of my SL activities as I speed up the typewrong… oh booger.

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