Mardi Gras is anytime in #SecondLife

Second Life avatars gather before walking, riding, or swimming along a course. A whale is in the background and in the foreground a gentelman centaur is wearing a beautifully draped kilt while his lady rides on his back.


The #SecondLife community of Caledon held their Mardi Gras parade and ball a week or so after the actual holiday. The parade followed a route that was set with fleurs-de-lys that was mostly along a scripted rail line (it’s community land, so the same music could be heard all along the way).

Naturally, people turned up with all sorts of transport. There were two elegant whales, a kilted centaur, and the Caledon Air Force was represented by someone who hovered in a steampunk helicopter at difficult sim crossings and tricky turns. The course was set to go by well-known builds across several builds, and there were some memorials set up here and there to remember those who the community has lost. We raised a virtual toast in their memory.

I had to chuckle when I saw the texture on the floor of the starting and ending points – I make a hat with that very texture plus others as it’s a texture-change type deal. (SL Marketplace link)

The Caledon Mardi Gras parade about to step, slither, or swim off. Nice kilt, Centaur!

Visit: Caledon Kittiwickshire

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