The Virtual Farming Addiction: Going Lukewarm Turkey in #SecondLife

Overhead shot of a small Second Life virtual farm using the DFS system showing 19 "fields"

This farm’s “acreage” is reduced by almost half

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been “picking up” my virtual fields as they gradually reached a harvestable state – with this game, when you harvest, you get a new bag of seed of the same kind to “plant.” Prices in the game have been dropping, and I see planted, ready-to-harvest fields out for sale in the markets, so this is a way to add value and get a little more ROI. It’s still a loss based on the original purchase prices.

Some time ago I blogged about some of the really huge “reducing inventory, all must go” sales that I dropped in on, the kind of sales that could make me go in to a shopping coma. My “feed” at is full of all kinds of wacky sales that were going on.

A Second Life Dragon avatar browses the sale items, tools, and ingredients at a large sale set out in a big field

Even dragons like a good farm sale

This one even brought a dragon out from his wyrm lair to do some shopping. Wonder how it manages the trowels and cooking…

Hundreds of Second Life virtual fields set out for sale

This is less than a quarter of the fields for sale.

Meanwhile, there were many times I’d see hundreds of fields for sale. I bought a lot of fields at this one; the former owner had so many for sale that the item names numbered in the 8000 range. WHAT?

At the moment, it’s a slow process, but the goal is in sight – in October, I reduce one of my paid alts to Basic/unpaid status, and reduce holdings in Tweddle by the amount of land “tier” that represents. In March, another one of my “alts” comes up for renewal, and by then I’ll have reduced my inventory of no-copy DFS items by a lot. A LOT. I’ve already “cooked down” or “distilled” a lot of my pantry-stuff into small, marketable items that work like lunchboxes or energy banks. Those I can sell.

I’ve built a platform to set out the tools, plants, trees, fields, and ingredients that I’ve decided to sell off. These will include all the so-called “rare and collectible” things that I can’t use or consume. After trying to market stuff recently (see Starting To Get Really Annoyed #DFS #SecondLife #BAH it seems like the only notice that really brings the buyers is a “LEAVING DFS” fire sale or platform sale type of thing. I’ve got stuff that ought to sell at auctions, but they usually don’t – even priced really aggressively.

Thinking of throwing a PARTY instead of a traditional “come buy my stuff sad sniff” sale. With music and dancing. My rezz day is in later October, after all.
Second Life avatar sitting on a market stall stacked with empty inventory boxes

The platform is currently a staging area for auction stuff but will look like a Secret Garden when I get all the stuff out.

So I’m going lukewarm turkey with this “addiction harm reduction” process. Speaking of which, I’ve got crates of virtual turkey to sell off, plus one breeding pair of 0-day turkeys, whoop-de-do. Which means later I’ll have to mess around in GIMP making a marketing/sales crate texture.

But first, had to invest in some ingredients, because OMG someone left something out at a ridiculously low price in a nearly inaccessible area and…. ::slaps self:: SNAP OUT OF IT.

Anyway, I’ve managed to do the admin “marketing stuff” that is so hard for me, and the turkey crates are in the vendor and ready to go in all my locations. After reducing my holdings, though, I’ll just have my two shops in Tweddle and Steelhead Bay.

SLurl for Tweddle shop:
SLurl for Steelhead Bay shop “St Helens Dry Goods”

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