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Torben manages a club called Ethereal, and today he filled in for a performer who couldn’t get online. His music is very good, very listenable, even danceable electronica.

I have tried several pieces of software Ejay, Magix, Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Logic and now I am using Reason as my favorite program. Together with a keyboard this software has brought me a long way and should be better in the future…but I will let you be the judge of that.

I have been performing live concerts in Second Life since October 19th 2007 so come join me there.

I compose and arrange my own original music with a lot of inputs from the different genres in my compositions.
I want to create pictures and set you in a certain mood instead of being the next superstar and I like to call it Recreative Music.

Really nice stuff. Also, he’s filled the performance space with an amazing array of particles and lighting effects… makes for a very relaxing place to just “be” during a performance.

Via Torben Asp – Make People Happy! – Music Is The Key! – MUSIC

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