Dancing Liberally on Second Life: Pink Overload at a Very Swell Party

I was listening to Scott Simon discussing Second Life this morning, with someone who’s running one of many “virtual classrooms” in the virtual world. Scott gamely tried to describe the setup and what people were able to do.

Well, he sure didn’t make it to one of my favorite things to do, a Thinking Liberally event. This is part of the Cafe Wellstone/Donkey Club group that gelled a year or more ago around politics, crazy outfits, and dancing to great tunes. Our fearless leader is The General himself, who’s an enthusiastic documentararian of hypocrisy (and occasional producer of Second Life machinima featuring a nearly naked Dick Cheney).

Well, Mr. Scott Simon, THIS is what you were missing. And you probably didn’t make it to the Giant Snail Races today, either.

This event is billed as a Garden Tea Party in Pink, hosted by Serenity Wobbit, AKA Super Pink Thing/Bunneh, from the Fortress of Pinkitude

And I am wearing a confection of free Valentine’s Treasure Hunt crap that’s about to put me into insulin shock. Also: punky neko ears and tail, with a pack of ciggies tied on as my virtual outfit doesn’t have pockets.

The tunes by DJ Serenity have been TEH AWSUM, including Patty Smith, various rock songs referencing the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and a duet with Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra about what a swell party this is. Every song is new to me, or well-chosen if famiiar, and so it’s fun to play with dance animations, chatter snarkily with my fellow group members.

And drat: there’s a cherry blossom viewing event happening now with some virtual geisha, and I was hoping to go to that, but will stay here. And only earlier this afternoon, I was thinking that Second Life wasn’t any fun for me anymore, since I’m not interested in building stuff and only really like to chat and listen to music and hunt for free clothes. But the music here is so good: who knew there was a mashup of Heath Ledger’s Joker with Duran Duran?

Now and then, there are these moments of transendance inworld, and this is one of them. Time to just trance out and go with this most excellent groove.

Meanwhile, visible over my shoulder are some adorable tinies: our hostess as a Super Pink Bunneh, and her partner, who is a ferret in a cowboy hat. On the other side, the colorful stack of hula hoops is another acquaintance, but other couples out of sight are in more conventional garden party attire. After an invite like this, how could I resist?

Come follow the Super Pink Bunneh down the rabbit hole and land on the lawn of the Fortress of Pinkitude for a relaxing afternoon chatting and dancing to DJ Serenity’s musix. Contest for most surreal or prettiest outfit(s). LM attached. Starting NOW!

I think I’m going for something midway between surreal and prettiest.

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