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New World Notes: Weekend Open Forum: What SL6B Exhibits Should We Make Sure To Catch?

Next week Second Life celebrates its sixth birthday, and I’ve been painfully slow to follow all the activities and exhibits planned. (Then again, I usually space on real world birthdays too.) There’s over 300 SL6B exhibits listed here, based around the theme of “The Future of Virtual Worlds“. One of them is featured in the machinima above, Loki Eliot’s ambitious time-traveling information kiosk. What others should we make an effort to visit? Post descriptions and SLurls in Comments. (Yes, rampant self-promotion encouraged.)

I really need to get up to speed with this year’s big event, I can’t spend all my time dancing and changing clothes. Or, I could, but there’s more to Second Life than that.

The other day I attended a really nice music event: Jana Kyomoon did an exhibit opening at the Pyramid Gallery – really must make an effort to attend more of her DJ gigs, her electronic music is so great. And ooh hey, she’s on iTunes…!!

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