Musical Space Odyssey

Space Suited

Sometimes when inworld, I don’t care for whatever music is offered by shopping sites – especially when “on the hunt” for good quality freebies, popping in and out from one location to another. Some time ago I tinkered with various media players that can access Internet radio, and eventually settled on WinAmp (which has some rather annoying features, but it works for me).

I have a fairly long playlist now of “My Stations” that include several favorite Real Life items, some encountered from trips. Recently via BoingBoing I found out about SomaFM’s amazing Mission Control project.

It’s the ultimate in “space music;” lengthy samples of Apollo lunar mission radio feeds mixed on top of ambient (electronic) music. It’s very nice to listen to while working, as it’s both relaxing and “mission focused.” Please toss them a few Lindens/real world ducats if you like it, too.

SomaFM: Recently Played Tracks

Our fundraising for the first half of 2009 has been $30,000 less than we need, and we can only put off the bill collectors for so long. Please support SomaFM today and keep commercial-free radio on the air.
Mission Control: Celebrating NASA and Space Explorers everywhere.

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