Netroots Nation, Virtually Speaking, Dancing Liberally W00t W00t

I’m not at Netroots Nation, I’m watching a live stream via Dailykos’ live video feed. And then in Second Life, I’m about to watch Kos do an audio streaming appearance (with a typist standing in for him inworld).

Live broadcast from Netroots Nation 09 – Daily Kos TV (beta)

MarkosM Titanium_001


5:45PM: Idella Quandry sings blues, funk and soul, with a little jazz thrown in for kicks. Come to Virtually Speaking and listen to a mixture of original music and favorite covers. Then stay for a conversation between Jay Ackroyd and Markos Moulitsas. Virtually Speaking’s InWorld Amphitheatre

And then I’ll be moving along in my busy social calendar:

7:30PM: Opening party – NNSL 09 Opening Party. Come party with us on Netroots Island, immediately following Virtually Speaking’s interview with Markos Moulitsas of DailyKos. Tour the new sim and discuss the days convention event. Zathras Afarensis will be playing a set of live music, and DJ Pb Recreant will close out the night with his superb, eclectic brew. Netroots Nation Ballroom

UPDATE: Change of plan. Some guy sat on me at Virtually Speaking, I tried to move to another seat but got lagged out (this sort of like logged out, except lag is involved. I just made it up).

Then I couldn’t get logged back in, and when I did, I was stuck in my little room. Thanks, Second Life! I’ll play MahJongg now.

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